Family Photography

Family photography is an essential way to capture the memories and emotions of your family. These photos are more than just snapshots of people; they're a visual representation of the love and connection between family members. They are a valuable keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

Family photography also serves as a way to document the growth and development of your family over time. As your children grow up and your family expands, these photos provide a record of your family's journey. They are a reminder of the milestones and memories that you've shared together.

Finally, family photography can be used to create beautiful family heirlooms, such as photo albums, canvas prints, and wall art. These photos are not just about the past; they're about creating a legacy that will be passed down to future generations.


Where will we take our family portraits?

The choice is yours! I have a purpose built studio for indoor shoot and the studio is located on 4 acres so we can easily go outside too. I love working outside, especially when photographing kids, because they have room to play, run, and be themselves. (The exception is newborn portraits, which are always done inside the studio)

Alternatively we can venture to your favourite location. In my mind, there are three categories of outdoor spaces: the beach, the park, and the city. Each has pros and cons and each has a different look and feel. During your pre-portrait consultation, I’ll help you decide which is the best location to tell your family’s story.

What should we wear?

First and foremost, you should be comfortable! Outdoor family portrait sessions – especially with little kids – are fairly active, so expect that the kids may run around and get a little dirty, you may need to sit on the ground, and we may do some walking around. Comfort is paramount to make sure that you can relax and be yourself in front of the camera. I’ll send you a style guide with ideas and inspiration about what to wear

Can we bring along the family pet?

Sure! Pets are totally family members. Fury babies are my favorite subject to photograph!

Can my parents be in the photo’s?

Of course. I don’t limit the number of people who can be involved in our portrait session and it’s up to you to invite family members who you’d like to have there. As we get older family becomes so important so these extended family photographs are great gifts for parents and grandparents as well.

Is there a minimum spend?

The simple answer is no. There's no minimum spend or high pressure sales, you will only purchase what you wish to.

Are there different payment options?

Yes absolutely, I accept cash, credit card or direct deposit. I also have payment plans for those to who wish to pay their order off.