When is the best time for a maternity session?

Maternity photography is best done between 30-34weeks unless your carrying multiple babies then these should be done between 28-30 weeks. This time is when you your belly is well grown however not too late in the pregnancy that you may miss the opportunity.

I’m not sure maternity sessions are for me

I completely understand and felt the same during my pregnancy. Its now something that I really regret, I became to consumed with worrying about what I looked like and forgot about the connection with my husband and the beautiful life that was growing inside of me. I hear from plenty of clients who love their portraits and now have heirlooms to pass down to their children. If this is your first pregnancy, this is a wonderful time where you're going from a couple to a family. What a gorgeous moment celebrate.

What do I wear to a maternity session?

I offer maternity gowns for you to wear during your session as well as your own clothes. When choosing your outfits I personally love dresses that are tightly fitted that show off the bump. However you also want to pick something that is you, something that you fill yourself in. I also have several gowns for you to choose from.

Where do maternity sessions take place?

This is completely your choice. We can do them inside giving it more of a studio style or outdoors. I have plenty of locations I can suggest also depending on the look you would like to achieve.

How much is a Maternity shoot?

The session itself is just $50 this includes the planning session either in person or over the phone and a 1 hour photo shoot. The what you purchase from your session is completely up to you. Typically my customers will spend $300 - $800 on their maternity photos depending on the products they choose. You can also combine your maternity photo's and newborn photo's into one product, like an album. For more information about product pricing please complete the enquiry form below and a welcome guide will be emailed to you.